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New Born Baby Astrology

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Online Janam Kundali Services in Chhattarpur, Birth Chart Prediction by Astrologer in Chhattarpur, Future Predictions by Date of Birth in Chhattarpur. The world most important event in lives is the birth of a child in our family. In Hindu culture, especially children, the child born of the son is considered of particular importance.

Today there are many families who do not have any difference in the birth of the boy and the girl. He believes that to be worthy of children, to be healthy is more important. Today it is a reality that the girls from the boys in any field are second to prove its merit. Child Astrology, New Born Baby Astrology, Child Future Astrology

» Determining the Stage of child.
» What is the Letter of Your Child's Name
» State of the Planet & He or She Mangli or not
» Original habitat and effects on offspring
» Health & Wealth of Child

Sun and Moon Quote
Fifth house or fifth house owner through the center in the amount of auspicious conditions, with triangle is in effect even if the child is learning to master the wisdom and happiness child receives. Sun father factor, the ninth event of the father tells sense.Moon is the factor of aging, aging reports the status of the fourth house, so the sun, the moon, the ninth sense, like to quote the ninth, fourth and fourth position of the owner's home when parents get the full pleasure and their progress is good.

Other effects analysis
Ascendant lord Jupiter in the cycle when the force is knowledge of the age, not the planet in the eighth house, the twelve auspicious planet in space, the moon is strong, master view of the ascendant or on the moon, Saturn is located in the center, from the moon 6, 7 places auspicious planet, so age is absolute happiness. Tenth house and its owner if the impact on the work of the master lawyer, doctor, counselor, minister, is rich. Venus's influence on fine arts, music, dance, fashion etc. is business related.

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