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Book Pandit for Wedding, Vivah in Bahadurgarh


Vivah Puja Sanskar

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Book Pandit for Wedding in Bahadurgarh, Book Pandit for Vivah in Bahadurgarh, Book Pandit for Shaadi in Bahadurgarh. Wedding is referred to as 'Vivah' in Sanskrit. Weddings are a very essential part of our Delhin Culture. It not only brings two people together, it is a celebration in itself; and by far one of the biggest celebrations of one's life. People take months and sometimes years to plan a wedding. The precision and perfection are the two biggest aims. But many are opting for low-key affairs or even plain simple registered marriages. But nothing can take away the charm of a Vedic wedding. It is a special moment in a person's life, which is made more special by the Vedic rituals and ambience.

Importance and Significance of Vivah Puja (Wedding Puja)
Marriages have become a multi-day celebration. There are various pre-wedding functions. Pujas done in every function have some significance. Vivah is a very sacred union. Many Gods and Goddesses are invited through various rituals to come and bless the couple. Marriages are set in the cosmos but the union sanskaar is done through a Vivah Puja. The Fire is the sakshi or the witness to this Holy Union. The promises made during a Vivah Puja are lifelong commitments that the bride and the groom make to each other. A Vivah Puja is made of various rituals and each ritual is significant.

History & Stories
Delhin weddings, particularly, Arranged marriages have their roots in our Vedas. The way the weddings and various rituals are conducted now took shape during the Vedic period. The Hindu marriage rituals are derived from Dharmashastras i.e. the sacred texts. These Dharmashastras are a representation of the laws of the various Vedas. These scriptures have been scripted by male Aryan sages. Manu was known to be as the most influential interpreters of these scriptures and in 200 BC he wrote the Manu Samhita, which actually laid down the rules of marriage.

Occasions to do a Vivah Puja (Wedding Puja)
Although it sounds imperative that a Vivaah Puja happens during a couple's Vivaah, there are a few other instances where the couple does the Vivah Puja. Many couples do a vivaah puja while buying a house together.

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