Shukra Dosha/Shukra Shanti Puja Anuthan in Delhi,Pandit ji for Shukara Pooja in Delhi


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Shukara Puja Anusthan
The position of Venus love horoscopes, beauty, harmony, wife, girlfriend, relationship, marriage and partnership, feminine, beauty, peace, happiness, joy, honesty, integrity, purity, tolerance in luck, love, grace, charm and sensitivity have knowledge of. God is capable of low contrast, such as lack of affection, beauty, loss, loss of reputation and luxurious scam, etc. Problems recession. Marital problems, financial loss, it can all be signs of vile Venus.

Thank vile or corrupt to reduce the ill effects of Venus Venus Vedic ritual is the only way for peace. Venus Venus in peace mantra chanting ritual, and sacrifice is praise.

Vedic rituals in peace auspicious Mahurt Fri, direction, special attention is given to the fire samidha Venus negative effects of corruption could be reduced more and more.

Sitting in my case, is endowed with all major actions.
Havan (one-day) 1100 Mantra chanting + Havan
Anusthan (one-day) 22,200 chanting spells + Havan
Anusthan (eight days) 88 800 + fire chanting mantras