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Corporate Office Vastu in Meerut
Vastu Shastra For Corporate Office in Meerut, Corporate Office Vastu Consultant in Meerut.
Corporate Vastu' mainly includes, Companies, Multinationals, Banks, Export Houses, Organizations and Financial Institutions.

A vastu analysis of an existing 'Corporates' can help the Companies identify and solve the issues for Professional , Financial and Business gains, by making the 'Vastu Corrections' wherever needed, along with the complete survey and analysis of corporate place, including the surroundings.
'Corporate Vastu' aims at creating an atmosphere which is Productive, healthy, positive, and peaceful. It aids in bringing all round success for the Company/Organization and the employees.
The analysis for 'Corporate Vastu' is done in such a way, that there should not be any major demolition or changes of the existing structure. The 'Vastu corrections' are done in the form of remedies, like correcting placements, harmony of colours, and other such kind of measures. Wherever needed, 'Vastu Pyramids' are also used to correct the Vastu defects.

Important Points to be considered while doing the 'Corporate Vastu': -
» Analysing the location of Main Door or Entrance of the Corporate/Organization.
» Location of 'Brahmsthan'.
» Location of higher and lower zones.
» Surroundings of Corporate/Organization Space.
» Shape of the site.
» Internal settings.
» Direction of different zones at the site.
» Location of various departments.
» Analysing Staff Placement & Orientation.
» Direction of Marketing activities, displays etc.
» Colours of Interiors and Exteriors.
» Location of Master Cabin, CEO, Key Staff, Reception area, Conference Room.
» Analysing the Direction of Toilets.
» Analysing the Direction of Windows.
» Placement of office gadgets like Computers, Fax, LCD, Servers, Water Dispensers, Tea/Coffee machines etc.
» Location of Air Conditioners, Electrical Mains, Heaters/Blowers etc.
» Placement of Staircase etc.
» Energizing the week directions.
» Removing struck up energies.
» Making Vastu correction with the help of remedies.

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